Poster presentation


To fit in the space available, posters must be a maximum of 85cm wide. Poster height is not limited but a size of 115cm was recommended to us




Oral presentation


We can support presentations in the following formats:


  • Microsoft Office
  • Libre/Open Office
  • Adobe Reader
  • Web-browser based presentation (using Google chrome)
  • Image sequence



For all talks we ask:


  • Talks should be loaded on to the conference laptop (Windows operating system) the day before your presentation. This will allow the A/V technician the chance to test that the presentation opens properly long before your session. It will also allow you the chance to check that the presentation appears as you intended (especially important if you used a Mac). Those speakers presenting on the first day are asked to email a copy of their presentation to the conference abstract address ( All speakers will be given the opportunity to upload a newer version if necessary but this system will ensure there is a working copy on the day.
  • Set the talk to be in 16:9 aspect ratio to maximise the visibility of your work
  • Let us know well in advance if you intend to use movie/audio files so that these can be tested the day before your presentation
  • Please note your allocated time (typically 10min for the talk and 5min for questions). In order to be fair to all speakers, we cannot allow any talks to go overtime and we will stop you mid-sentence if you do!